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    Can carpal tunnel syndrome be prevented?

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  • Lyn Craven

    Bowen Therapist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner

    I specialise in gastrointestinal health problems, (leaky gut syndrome, allergies, bloating, candida, IBS, constipation, dysbiosis, reflux), women's health, back/neck pain, RSI, carpel tunnel syndrome, rotating/tilting … View Profile

    Yes I believe it can be prevented.  Education on posture and use of body with regard to lifting, carrying and use of keyboards (computers etc).  Carpel tunnel often comes into the category of RSI (repetative strain injury).  One example is a person who was stocking shelves in a supermarket with no other task.  This was continual lifting and over strain of arms and CT.  Hormonal issues can also play a role particular when the roller coaster of menapause occurs.
    Basically most health problems can be prevented if people become more observant of how their body is truely feeling, not over using the body, taking time out to relax, eat healthy fresh food diet and exercise daily (within your limits).  This problem was more common a couple decades ago when electronic typewriters with flat keyboards were used.  This can also apply with many laptops particularly if you have poor posture and lean over the laptop - slouching and not using the arms/hands properly.  Stretch exercises for wrists, hands and arms should be encouraged daily if you use laptops/computers every day.

  • Dr Adam Arnold

    Chiropractor, Hypnotherapist

    I specialize in working with the nervous system to ensure your body is working well. This includes but is not limited to musculoskeletal care. I … View Profile

    What a great question!  I love hearing about people wanting to prevent injuries before they occur.
    Carrying on from the post above:
    Depending upon what you do for work and pleasure will depend on the advice I would give.
    For example, if you spend alot of time on the computer, then you want to be careful and keep your hand, elbow, shoulder, and spinal posture in a relaxed posture to reduce chances of a repetitive injury.  
    Many practitioners like chiropractors, phyisiotherapists and osteopaths also recommend regular maintenance visits that will help in picking up the early signs of a problem in any of the areas mentioned in this post.

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