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    What are the treatments for breast cancer?

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    Lyn Craven

    Bowen Therapist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner

    I specialise in gastrointestinal health problems, (leaky gut syndrome, allergies, bloating, candida, IBS, constipation, dysbiosis, reflux), women's health, back/neck pain, RSI, carpel tunnel syndrome, rotating/tilting … View Profile

    Aside from the more conventional treatments of radiation and chemo natural remedies can play an important role in supporting and helping resolve in some cases - breast cancer.  Homoeopathic remedies can be taken safely whilst receiving radiation to counteract toxicity.  Homoeopathic's can also be taken before/during/after chemo to assist the liver to dispel toxins from the body.  Nutritional support is extremely important so persons diet needs to be assessed and often changed.
    Meditation is extremely helpful particular due to stress/anxiety/depression and lowered self esteem or self loathing that may occur with this disorder.  Reiki energy healing can be a great nurturing treatment to receive, gentle, non invasive and often takes the person deep into subconcious mind than meditation.  I offer Healing journeys - guided journeys during the Reiki treatment.  Several women I have met with over the years have requested this - often underlying issues with their life, relatives, partners that have not been resolved which created emotional stress for the person. Improvement with self esteem and optimism occurred in all cases.

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