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    When should someone see a doctor about a headache?

    Two days ago my father, who is 58 years old, experienced intercranial pressure… he said it felt like pressure and tension in his head. This is the first time he has felt this way. Should he see a doctor? Could this be something more serious like a brain tumor? It was only two days ago so he believes it is too early, but I am worried and think he should go as soon as possible..
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    Mr Roger O'Toole


    Roger O'Toole is the Director and senior clinician of The Melbourne Headache Centre. Since opening the Melbourne Headache Centre in 2012 Roger has amassed over … View Profile

    Yes is the short answer.

    It might just be a benign condition like tension headache or migraine, however it is unusual for these to present for the first time over the age of 50. More serious causes, however uncommon, should be ruled out.

    Any doctor would be far happier to see a thousand cases like this and reassure you that its nothing, than to hear about the one case that didn't seek help that turned out to be something significant that could have been helped.

    Get it checked out ASAP.

    Good luck.


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