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    Do men and women handle stress differently?

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    Both men and women handle stress in many different ways, but I have seen these ways being used by both sexes. From all the multitude of ways to handle stress I have noticed that they all fall into two main categories. Category 1 = Connect (Love and Support), Category 2 = Distance (Fight, Flight, Freeze). Which category do you use most?

    People who use category 1 will seek out connections to help with stress. Either internal: connections of self-love, self-care, spiritual contemplation and connection, meditation, etc., or external: call or visit a friend or relative, or connect with nature or a pet, or visit with a counsellor. The increase in loving energy is a strong and lasting stress relief and often brings resolution to the stressful issue.  

    People who use category 2 will seek to suppress that which is perceived to bring them stress. These people will use internal methods such as block it out, think about other things, frustrate, anger, become anxious, disassociate, push their emotions down and get on with it. They may also use external methods such as avoidance by moving away, distancing the source of the stress with anger, blocking it from their awareness through drinking, drugs, gambling, This may distance the stressor, but the decrease in loving energy often brings guilt, remorse, shame, and does not resolve the issue in the long run. 

    In my experience women are more likely to seek connection via category 1 methods to relieve stress than men, but this statistic is reducing! More and more in our society we see category 2 stress relief becoming the preferred option. Why? If our preference is to be connected and in a loving and peaceful space, then category 1 stress relief is the only choice! Anything else is ‘insanity!’ Call a counsellor! Get started with the free gift e-book on my website! 

  • Kristen Ross

    Counsellor, Kinesiologist

    Kristen Ross is a qualified Kinesiologist, Counsellor and Sports Therapist.Affinity Wellness is her holistic wellness practice offering a holistic wellness experience by focusing on all … View Profile

    Individuals handle stress differently based on their past experiences and their personality. I don't think it's accurate to group all men or all women together as I have seen many manifestations of coping mechanisms from both genders.  
    There are a number of books avaialable that talk about the inherent differences between men and women and these are worth reading to help you understand your a little better however be careful not to group all men or all women into one category. 

    See my website for information on anxiety and stress management through counselling and kinesiology. 

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