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    What activities can help my depression?

    I am tired of always being sad, feeling hopeless and unmotivated. I want to feel like myself again. Is there any activity (exercise? certain diet?) that may be able to elevate my mood? I am desperate for help.
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    HealthShare Member

    From personal experience I would suggest you either look for a pottery class/group in your area and try your hand at this “earthing experience” . The hands on experience of working with clay has the effect of connecting with nature. It will also activate self expression enabling the brain/mind to become tuned into the whole body dispersing the mental anguish and torment.
    Another therepeutic aid is to Google ‘volunteering’ and find an organisation in your area with which you may have empathy, doing good for others will often activate a feel good mood. ¬†Good luck and good health.

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