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    Why am I in pain if my fractures have healed?

    I am a 25 year old female with two children under 2 and for the last 7 months have been through the worst time of my life!! Bad spasms, bad pain and no ones listening. Anyway i have just been told i have severe osteoporosis and have been on actonol for the last 5 weeks 5mg one a day. My question is why am i not getting better - i have been sore in my 9th and 10th rib for the past 6 months and its not healing?? I still cant sleep at night as my back is in extreme pain. Why would i still be in extreme pain if the fractures have healed? Also I have huge twitches and spasms in my stomach which I can see and feel but they are not hurting as I am on gabapintin? Does anyone have any information for me and also any idea how I can start getting my life back?
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    Firstly confirm the diagnosis is correct. For the sort of pain you are describing there would have to be a significant fracture evident. There are other causes for back pain and even destruction of the vertebral body that may resemble osteoporosis but proves to be something else. If this has happened spontaneously then the osteoporosis in a young 25 year old mother would be unusual and already I would want to know its cause, if there was one, because you are way outside what I would expect for an osteoporotic woman. A full and comrehensive workup of secondary caauses should be done for those reasons alone. A vertebral crush fracture, if that is what has happened, is exquisitely painful when it occurs. To have had no relief in 6 months needs explanation. Usually the recovery is quicker than that. SO again I come back to the accuracy of the diagnosis.
    Actonel doesnt help the pain. It stops bone loss to assist in preventing the NEXT fracture. It doesnt manage the pain associated with the first fracture. It doesnt “restore” bone so much as “prevent” further loss. SO again we come back to the unanswered questions; why does a 25 year old mother have osteoporosis, does she have osteoporosis and why would she be losing bone in the first place. If it is osteoporosis then you either never built the bone in the first place (something in your past or development or genetics could have caused that) or you built it and are now in the process of losing it and again someone needs to ask and answer the question why.

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