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    Not sure how to feel about being pregnant


    Nobody believes me when i told them I was pregnant, everyone wanted to hear that the doc had confirmed pregnancy. Although the doc's weren't giving me truthful answers, one minute I was pregnany and not anymore another told me straight out that the test was neg, and I was also told no growth. All confusing considering all the symptoms I was experiencing. What the docs were negleting to tell me was there was traces of hcg in my blood, all of which confirms to me that I was pregnant.

    My pregnancy symptoms as this would of been my 3rd pregnancy was frequent urination, nausea and vomitting, carpole tunnel, my tummy was starting to poke out and I had the whole waddle walk going on, cravings, high sugar levels (i only get high levels when pregnany, for some odd reason)

    I was heaps excited when I found out that I was pregnant and although I kept having neg urine tests with a pos thrown in to mix it up a bit, I was still confident I was pregnant. My first pregnancy was still born at 39wks gestation, so as you can imagine I was horrified to see I was bleeding. I presented myself to the ED and they just did a urine test and told me i'm not pregnany, I disagreed with them and they eventually did a blood test and told me to go to my doc for results and was sent home.

    I know I have had a miscarriage as i have been asking around and have found out that for someone not to be pregnany there is NO hcg level found in blood work, but I have been told there are traces of hcg in my blood which indicates to me that I have miscarried.

    I hate the way the health pro's treat you. I feel as tho I am being treated like i'm a foolish idiot who doesn't know her body. They have on occasion told me I miscarried like it's no big problem or like being pregnant meant nothing to me. I am hating the way I am currently feeling, I don't want to see anyone, and I am greiving, but have nothing to hold onto.

    • Dr Karin Hammarberg
    • Dr Carolyn Ee
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  • Dr Karin Hammarberg

    Registered Nurse

    Karin is a Research Fellow at the Jean Hailes Research Unit at Monash University and Senior Research Officer at the Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority.Karin … View Profile

    Hi Sal,
    I understand your frustration about not being listened to and receiving conflicting information. You are right, if there was a detectable level of hcg there must have been a conception. Most likely an embryo formed and developed for long enough to produce the hcg which was detected, but did not survive. I wish you all the best with a future pregnancy.

  • Dr Carolyn Ee

    Acupuncturist, GP (General Practitioner)

    I'm a Sydney GP with a special interest in women's health especially menopause and TTC ( trying to conceive). I specialise in acupuncture, and am … View Profile

    Hi salsta. I am sorry to hear what has happened. It all sounds very confusing. To clarify, when you are not pregnant there can still be traces of HCG in the blood - but above a certain level, you are considered pregnant. I am not sure of the time span over which this has happened so I cannot really advise.

    Here is some more information about HCG testing

    What I am concerned about is that you are feeling so low, and are grieving, and also feeling unsupported. Is there someone professional you can talk to - a new GP that comes recommended, or a counsellor? Alternatively you can speak to someone at SANDS

    Please do speak to somebody soon so that you can begin to heal and feel happy again. Good luck and all the best


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