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    I have experienced a Molar Pregnancy & Termination due to high risk pregnancy

    I have experienced 2 “miscarriages”. One a molar pregnancy which came with other complications and another which i actually terminated due to it being a high risk pregnancy. The things i found the most helpful was being open and honest, being able to discuss it with friends and family and secondly to find others who had been through what I had. I am blessed to now have 3 beautiful healthy sons.
    • Sands Australia
    • Small Miracles Foundation
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  • SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support) is a self-help support group comprised of parents who have experienced the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, … View Profile

    The key is to talk about your experience with people who understand, and are willing to listen. Friends and family can be great support but sometimes you need someone who has had the experience of losing a baby. Sands has parent supporters who have ‘been there’ and are available to talk to - someone to listen, someone to understand and someone who knows that even years later you still think about your babies. Thank you for sharing your expereince. If anyone reading this needs to talk to a parent supporter please call Sands national support line 1300 072637.

  • The Small Miracles Foundation is a not for profit organisation which is established for the health and well being of families and to provide free … View Profile

    Sorry to hear of your losses our deepest sympathies. You may find reading information from the websites such as is useful with specific information on molar loss and also as you mentioned to find others who have been through similar losses is important. You may also want to read the book ‘Small Miracles’ with stories of families who have been through different losses and many are also blessed to have gone onto have healthy children. It is written by Rachel Stanfield-Porter. I can send you a copy if you email


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