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    Feel like I'm being used by friends and like I'm a failure with hubby.

    Hi. My friend who suffers depression has been relying on me for the past 6mths. Now she seems better and doesn't talk to me anymore, but catches up with my friends I introduced her too… Seems like it was a cry for wolf….I mean, mayb I'm just jealous, cause now my friends don't want to c me.

    I'm trying to lose weight, my hubby doesn't support me, in fact he says it's just another fase. He doesn't believe in me, or support me, n I get so upset…..I feel like a failure. I have suffered with depression for 11years. I've been on Zoloft for 9yrs.
    • Andy Cyclone
    • candice roberts
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  • Andy Cyclone

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Amy,

    I know what you mean about needing support and not getting it. People who don't suffer depression just don't want to hear about it. Even professionals we see want to pass the responsibility of fixing our depression onto us. I find it so frustrating.

    I have been chasing my tail for years knowing there was an underlying cause for my depression without being able to put a finger on it. I have had it all - ADHD, hypothyroid, hypoglycemic and now apparently I have sleep apnea! I have had the tests and it makes sense with being overweight and the years of allergies, asthma, 3 septoplasties.

    I have a CPAP machine now and have had the obligatory wrestle with it. “Compliance” they call it, whether you will comply with this dreadful treatment. Mr father has been diagnosed with sleep apnea too, but he does not comply.

      On Monday I get an MRI to see if the hypoxia has caused brain damage. My family refuses to talk with me unless I am cheerful! I getting an MRI to check if I have brain damage and they are demanding I am cheerful! Not very supportive.

    Which is why I am on this forum. I had a good call with lifeline this morning, had a cry, wow did I need it. It was at the point where I was talking about my illnesses being recognised. This seems very important to me. Does it to you also?

    I'm telling you all this partly because I need to vent, and also because you are depressed and mentioned you are overweight. Sleep apnea and being overweight correlate. It only cost $300 to get tested and it was the best $300 I have spent in a long time. I can't believe GPs haven't suggested it to me before.

    It's early days yet but I am hoping this is it, the corner has been turned and I am on the way to recovery. I wouldn't be if a dentist hadnt suggested I had sleep apnea.

  • candice roberts

    HealthShare Member

    hi amy , sometimes partners dont always understand us , i was over weight due to medication and overeating , i had  tryed many weight loss treatments and i didnt succeed and my partner wasn't very supportive but now i have been going to weigth watchers and i have proved my partner wrong  and showed him i can do it and i have lost 9.5kg so far it has taken time and i still want to contiue my weight loss journey and  and i have made friends , he is no longer complaining that im wasting his money he actually is now being supportive  ,i believe in you and you can do what ever you want to do ! every day is a new day take one day at a time best of luck with your journey


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