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    How long should I wait between workouts to give my muscles a rest?

    Do I need to leave a break between workouts or can I train consecutive days?
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    Andrew Dowler

    Exercise Physiologist

    As an exercise physiologist i concentrate my practice on postural re-education, and orthopaedic rehabilitation delivering individualized exercise interventions for a wide range of conditions.Working closely … View Profile

    This really depends on your level of training experience, it is possible to train back to back session, but it is rather fatiguing and should only be done in small phases.

    Ideally muscle trained should be allowed to recover before hitting them again with another weights sessions. The general guideline is 24 hours recovery, so for example, if you trained on Monday, then you would rest Tuesday and then train Wednesday.

    There are more advanced ways of weight training where you “split” the bodies major muscle groups up and train the individual groups on a particular day, not the entire body. An example would be upper body Monday, lower Tuesday ect.
    The intensity of the work out needs to be considered aswell, if your really pushing hard, going to fatigue you may find your muscle soreness lasts longer 24 - 72 hours, in which case you should not be training on overly sore muscles. Best thing to do is listen to your body, monitor your response to training and have solid nutrition.


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