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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What services are available for people who have suffered from a brain injury?    

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  • Kathy Pritchard

    Occupational Therapist (OT)

    I have 20 years experience as an Occupational Therapist with 10 years as an OT driving assessor for people with medical conditions. I have a … View Profile

    Services available depend on where you are located. most states and large metro areas have brain injnury rehab units with specilaist care starting in the hospital and then continuing through to a community based service such as a transitional living centre or an outpatient rehab service. These can be found generally through public health however there are also provate providers that have specialties in this area. Check with you state brain injury association - you can google this on this net they also have some great fact sheets, journals and support groups for people to access.

  • Angela Marshall

    HealthShare Member

    You are correct in saying it depends on where you are located.
    I experienced a brain injury in Western Australia but was not admitted in hospital as the injury as deemed to be mild. As I was at work at the time of the injury, the syptoms were treated though the Workers Compensation system.
    I have been rejected as a patient at the State Injury Unit as I was not initially in in patient, I only went to casualty. I have not received any support in the community.
    I have looked everywhere for help and assistance over the last 2 years but it has ben limited to advice from Head West, a charity with limited resources.
    I believe that treatment should be available to all and not depend on which state you live in.
    I have contacted brain injury specialists in other states but have been denied help as I live in WA.

  • vixone

    HealthShare Member

    Exactly Ang ! I have been doing the same, futile and endless search for help with this in W.A, too, and it “all” has been a nightmare along with G.P's misdiagnosis's for years.
    Since I researched, argued and demanded the tests in order to find the
    “correct” one I have had 2 complicated operations and been in and out of hospital.
    Functioning difficulties and testing post op and discharge are minimal and non-existing.
    Misdiagnosed as “ P.M.T, Stress, depression, peri-menapause etc etc and etc's”  that make your insurance's “obsolite” leave your life in tatters.
    That alone and finding any info, services or help is just an extension of a  long, lonely and painfull ongoing “nightmare”….the “tick a box” when we don't fit criteria anywhere.
    Head West are the best though, and try its unde your “Local Medicare” and for me thats Osbourne park…

    Best of luck x 

  • Brain Injury Australia (BIA) represents all Australians with acquired brain injury (ABI) whatever the cause. BIA was formed at the first national community-based conference on … View Profile

    If you require immediate advice about acquired brain injury or services for people with an acquired brain injury please contact the relevant organisation in your state. These are:

    • Queensland - Synapse (Brain Injury Association of Queensland) - Phone 07 3137 7400 or Freecall 1800 673 074 (outside Brisbane)
    • New South Wales - Brain Injury Association of NSW - Phone 02 9868 5261 or Freecall 1800 802 840
    • Victoria - Brainlink - Phone 03 9845 2950 or Freecall 1800 677 579
    • Australian Capital Territory - The National Brain Injury Foundation - Phone 02 6282 2880
    • Tasmania - Brain Injury Association of Tasmania - Phone 03 6278 7299
    • South Australia - Brain Injury Network of SA - Phone 08 8217 7600 or 1300 733 049 (Country callers)
    • Western Australia - Headwest - Phone 08 9330 6370 or Freecall 1800 626 370
    • Northern Territory (1) - Somerville Community Services - Check website for locations and telephone numbers
    • Northern Territory (2) - Integrated disAbility Action - Phone 08 8948 5400

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