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    Will sleep positions make my sleep apnea worse?

    I've suffered from sleep apnea for years and wondered if I sleep in a certain position like on my back will it make my sleep apnea worse?
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    Dr Maree Barnes

    Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician

    Dr Barnes has competed specialty training in sleep medicine and is currently working at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. Dr Barnes’ current research focuses are: … View Profile

    Often people with sleep apnoea find that when they sleep on either their back or their stomach, the sleep apnoea and snoring are worse. This is because of the position of the jaw, gravity and pressure on the diaphragm in these positions. However avoiding this sleep position may not be the best solution to treating the sleep apnoea and often a sleep study is needed to make sure that the sleep apnoea is being well-treated just by avoiding this sleeping position.

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    The Sleep Health Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of ‘valuing sleep’ as part of a healthy lifestyle alongside regular exercise, a … View Profile

    You can find out more about sleep disorders on the Sleep Health Foundation website here.

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