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    Does PCOS impact the chances of falling pregnant?

    I want to fall pregnant and have had PCOS since my teenage years, will it impact my changes of falling pregnant
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    High levels of androgens (“male” hormones) and insulin can affect your menstrual cycle and prevent ovulation (release of mature eggs from your ovaries): Ovulation can stop completely, or can occur irregularly. This can make it more difficult for women with PCOS to conceive naturally, and some women may also have a greater risk of miscarriage.
    However, this does not mean that all women with PCOS are infertile. 60% of women with PCOS can have children naturally, without any extra medical infertility treatment. Other women with PCOS can become pregnant and have children with medical assistance.
    As being overweight exacerbates infertility in PCOS, one of the most important approaches to improve fertility is to prevent weight gain, exercise regularly and lose weight if overweight. More tips on improving your chances of becoming pregnant can be found at

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