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    Effective wight loss for new mum?

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    What is the most effective and quickest way to lose weight gain from pregnancy? I'm a new mum with little time to go to the gym? Is no carbs after 4pm healthy?
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    • Matt Murfitt
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    Hi Robyn

    As a personal trainer myself I would have to say that you need to be careful when adopting blanket rules, such as no carbs after a certain time. As a new mum it is important to look after yourself - and eat (the right things) when you are hungry. By that I would say that you are best to keep healthy carbs included in your diet - such as plenty of fruit, especially oranges, apples, strawberries, mandarins, grapefruit,  - lots of veges  and other healthy carbohydrate sources such as quinoa and beans/legumes. For weightloss I would personally leave out bananas, grapes, dried fruit, potatoes, sweet potatoes - and for dinner I would leave out large carb meals such as rice and pasta. For dinner you are best to have lots of lean protein - eg chicken breast, with a large salad packed with colourful veges - and perhaps a little rice added if you find you are getting hungry before bed time. During the day, lots of nuts and fruit again, continue to keep lean protein included, and have some carbs. I would recommend you try as hard as you can to get the exercise in there - even a 20 min a day jog - as this will help the weight you lose to be more fat, and less muscle, leading to a much better physique. A jog can do wonders for your metal health as well!


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