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    I would love to see a dietition and have a personal trainer but just can't afford at at the moment.

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    Hi there

    My name is Patrice and I have joined this site with an interest in health and fitness and weight management. I saw the link on Joanna McMillans facebook page.

    I am after some advise. I am 32 and had three kids in three years. My weight has mainly been stable and in the healthy weight range for my height. My diet has always been poor but my exercise levels high. This year I have gained close to 10 kgs! Nothing in my life has changed, besides age lol! So anyway this past 2 weeks I have uped my exercise and have been eating sooo healthy. I mean I have dropped coke (lots of it!) chocy, bickies, maccas etc from my diet but I have gained 1-2 kilos! I realyl would have thought that even without changing my exercies with a masive diet over haul that Iwould have seen the kilos coming off. What advise do you have? Is this normal? Maybe I need to see a doctor? I did have my thryod checed about 4 months ago and all was fine but maybe I should have that done again.

    I am at a loss! I would love to see a dietition and have a personal trainer but just cant afford at at the moment.

    I am mainly following low GI and eating really healthy, cut lots of suger from my diet, lots of grains, lean meats, legumes, water, yoghurt, fruit, salads, veg ect. I still drink alchol but could that be such an issue? What else can I do?

    Thanks in advance for your advice. Am really bumed about not seeing even the slightest results and need some encouragement to keep it up!


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  • Milena Katz

    Dietitian, Nutritionist

    Milena is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and holds an Advanced Science and teaching degrees. She has worked in clinical nutrition in many Sydney hospitals and … View Profile

    Hi Patrice

    You might be eating more regularly and this would mean more calories overall - with small children it is easy to graze all day. Check your insulin levels and see your GP.

    It is good that you have swapped to healthy foods so keep going but perhaps see a local dietitian  through a care plan (written by GP) who can spend an time looking at your diet very closely.

    Milena Katz, APD

  • Patrice Smith

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks Milena for the reply. I used to finish all the kids food as well as my own but this last 2 weeks I have stuck to my food only and have not grazed, I even went to two birthdays yesterday and did not touch one sweet thing! Only salad sanga and watermelon! But thanks for the advice I will watch out for grazing and ask my GP tomorrow about a care plan.


  • Patrice Smith

    HealthShare Member

    So I went to the doctors today and she seems to think it is very unlikely to be hormonal or medical at all. My thyroid was checked in June and was fine so it seems I just need to give it time. I will see where I am in a month or so.

  • Melanie McGrice is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, one of the few dietitians in Australia to achieve that status. Her success has made her an … View Profile

    Hi Patrice,

    I just saw your post.  Firstly, yes alchohol is REALLY high in kilojoules.  A glass of wine has as many kilojoules as 1-2 slices of bread (depending on how much you put in your glass), so if you're having a few glasses in a night, it can really add up.

    Secondly, well done on making some great dietary changes.  The additional weight that you gained may have been fluid (or it could have been the additional kilojoules from the alcohol).  I'd really encourage you to find a local dietitian for more detailed assessment and advice.  You can find a dietitian by going to and then go to the ‘find a dietitian’ section to find someone local.

    Hope this helps.  Don't give up!

    Melanie McGrice, AdvAPD


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