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    What is the best way to heal scars caused by acne?

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    Does anyone have a good way of healing scars caused by acne? I am 34 and I only recently had a bad bout of acne (stress and poor diet) as a consequence i have now got bad scarring either side of my chin and by my jaw line. I've had spot on and off since i was 22 but from Nov 2010-April 2011 was unlike anything i ever had - angry spots, hard lumps, and nasty things. I squeezed as i got angry at my face … and now i have scars.

    I am worried to put oil on my face (vitamin E or rosehip) to help the scars … does anyone have any other ideas?
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  • Nicky @team healthshare

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Katie,

    I had a similar situation about 5 years ago when living in London from poor diet and with all the pollution my skin went really bad. I came back to Sydney and went to a beautician who convinced me to start microdermabrasion and made me buy all these creams and potions- even herbs! Needless to say after spending over $1000 and nothing working i went to a dermotologist who simply changed my contraceptive pill and my skin cleared really quickly. I would recommend going to a dermotologist- they've seen it all and I'm sure could help with the scars either with laser treatments or recommend creams to help them fade….

    Good luck

  • Maria Nguyen

    HealthShare Member

    I recommend you to go to a dermatologist. I had the same problem when I was 18. What helped me: healthy diet, no cosmetics on my face (I mean a heavy foundation, powder and etc., of course, I continued using lipstick, eye shadows and etc.), microdembrasion procedures (I had 4), it cleaned my skin from red and brown spots from acne. I also applied lemon juice on my face (lemon juice mask). Lemon helps to lighten up your skin. If you have deep scars, you need a dermatologist. I do not think you will be able to get rid of them just by natural remedies. Almost, forgot - cucumbers help to clean up face as well. Just cut small pieces of cucumbers and put them on your face for 20-30 minutes daily. 

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