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    Flatfoot management

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    I have Flatfoot, can you provide some management options?
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    • Mr Wei-Han Tay
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  • Mr Wei-Han Tay is an Australian-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in the treatment of foot and ankle conditions, and trauma. Wei-Han obtained his undergraduate medical … View Profile

    The management options for a symptomatic flatfoot are guided by whether the deformity is flexible or fixed. Non-operative strategies include simple (over-the-counter) analgesia and oral/topical anti-inflammatory medication (if not contraindicated), wearing accommodative shoes with medial arch support, using a medial arch support orthotic, weight loss, activity modification (by preferencing non-impact-loading activities for exercise) and or image-guided intra-articular cortisone injections. The aim of a steroid injection is to try neutralise any chronic inflammation which in turn, can provide pain relief which may be temporary or lasting. Patients may similarly benefit from physical therapy or prehabilitation (focusing on ankle and foot range of motion and stretching exercises, and general conditioning and strengthening of their lower limb to optimise their pre operative baseline), as well as hydrotherapy.

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