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    Green discharge but all tests normal or negative

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    I have been having a green discharge since late February and after finally finding a doctor to see me back in April for this green mucus-like in texture discharge I got no answers and still have it hanging around. I was told all my tests came back clean with nothing out of the normal. I even had a Pap smear to be sure and that came back good. The doctor told me it could just be my new normal but I’ve always been told green is bad.

    I do not have any itching, however, there is a smell but I truly don’t know how to describe it. It can be so bad some days that just slightly touching my hand over my pants and smelling my hand (I know kind of gross to do) I can strongly smell it on my hand. The only test they haven’t done is bloodwork but I’m at a loss at what to do now. I don’t want this green discharge to be my new normal as that doesn’t seem right to me. Any advice?
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