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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Will there be a resurgence of coronavirus in Australia?

    Particularly post lifting of restrictions.
    And does it affect lung capacity in the long term, even to asymptomatic patients?
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    Dr Megan Stewart

    GP (General Practitioner)

    I am an experienced and empathetic GP, with qualifications from both the Irish and Australian Colleges of General Practitioners, and have worked in general practice … View Profile

    It is likley that there will be a resurgence of COVID at some stage in Australia. The recent rise in cases in Victoria *may* be the start of the "second wave". How serious this will be depends on how quickly we get on top of it.

    When/if the international borders are opened there will be cases coming into Australia, from Australians who travel overseas and then bring back COVID with them.

    We don't know the long-term effect of COVID infection because there are no COVID patient from 5 years ago. It is reasonable to assume that severe inflammation will cause a long-term lung condition similar to COPD or emphysema.

    But because the lung problems are due to inflammation, our best guess is that asymptomatic patients will not have any long-term lung problem.


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