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    Eczema of the ear

    I have been dealing with itchy and at times painful ears which get inflamed and leak clear fluid and eventually flakes and itches and the cycle starts all over again. I came to the conclusion after talking to someone else with the same issues that it's most likely ear eczema. My regular doctor has been trying to figure it out for the last few years and has prescribed me many creams and drops. A few have worked but once I stop using them everything comes back and once I get a slight itch everything goes downhill from there.

    Should I see a dermatologist for this condition or an ENT? I don't have money or time to jump from doctor to doctor so I want to get it right the first time. I know that doesn't mean the one I choose will know but at least if i can stick with a certain type I can move in that one direction. Appreciate your help!
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