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    Why do I feel weak half way through my morning run?

    I am a relatively fit 52 yr old male. I run 10 km most mornings. On some of these runs, I start to feel weak, like a shaky weak, and have to stop and sit down for a few minutes, or at least walk. I am not puffed out at all, my pulse is not racing. After 5 minutes, I am ok and can restart.
    I have been for blood tests which have detected slightly high ferritin levels. I have been told that this would not cause what I am experiencing. I have good blood pressure. My breakfast on most mornings would include weet-bix, oats, some honey or fruit on top and 1 or 2 coffees. My energy levels are good throughout the day.
    This feeling has also occurred at work. When I was doing an easy job, I started feeling weak and began sweating profusely and had to sit down for 10 minutes, and was ok after this.
    Please note that I do suffer from hyperhidrosis. I have asked my GP to check for overactive thyroid, but no issues were found. Please help me.
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