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    Ross River Virus & Carpal Tunnel - is there a fix?

    I have carpal tunnel syndrome and minor osteoarthritic changes in right hand/wrist. Until now, only occasional night-splinting in winter has been enough to control symptoms. I recently contracted Ross River Virus and have developed swelling on the back of right hand/wrist and underside of my wrist which has exacerbated the carpal tunnel symptoms.

    Night pain, in particular, is excruciating - I regularly lose 1-2 hours of sleep - and not helped by splinting. The use of my right hand has been significantly affected - loss of sensation/strength, "electric shocks", pins and needles. I using meloxicam/aspirin periodically. I cannot take paracetamol/codeine.

    Hoping this will go away as the Ross River Virus runs its course (I have had symptoms for 5 weeks so far), but in the meantime is there anything else I can do? It's become quite debilitating.
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