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    Can surgery help repair a Ulnar Collateral Ligament?

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    During May 2018 I was involved in MVA. 4 weeks after the MVA it was discovered that I had a broken right index finger knuckle cartridge which Tore the Ulnar Collateral Ligament.

    My GP suggested to have some physio but physio didn't help. I then saw an orthopaedic surgeon and had an MRI. I was then referred to have an ultrasound-guided cortisone with long-acting local anaesthetic injection in the right index MPJ and was advised that if it relieved symptoms even for a short time it can confirm the correct diagnosis and what type of surgery I may need. The injection did alleviate symptoms for about 5 weeks but unfortunately, the pain and swelling has returned and I'm in quite a lot of pain when I use my hand.

    I would like to know if surgery to repair this type of Injury helps or not and if I should be concerned of any side effects in having this surgery This will help me make a decision if I should have this surgery or not. And also what questions should I ask my orthopaedic surgeon about this type of surgery?
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