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    ADHD treatment

    Just under 2 years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. Just prior to diagnosis, I was studying psychology at university and became suspicious that my diagnosis of generalised and social anxiety were not correct. My suspicions about ADHD proved correct. I went to a clinic who specialise in adult ADHD treatment, they asked me to sit a mind screen which showed severe ADHD confirmed by a psychiatrist.

    Post ADHD diagnosis I was placed on methylphenidate, I only lasted two days on this after not being able to function at work. Recently I was referred on lisdexamfetamine though yet to obtain. Given repeated attempts of therapies including long-term CBT, 5 anti-depressants and 3 psychiatrists which have not improved my life, I am looking for another option. I am keen to get help, though feel like I have wasted so much time and money, whilst the best answers I have found myself. CBT, stimulants and ant-depressants have failed.

    What treatment options would you recommend?
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