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    What is the best process to deal with anger?

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    That's a great question. With so few more details about your situation it is difficult to give you a comprehensive answer so what I'd suggest is you conact a counseling service or social worker inyour area and have a chat with them. They should be able to steer you in the right direction as there are many different options and approaches. For example, if you are a guy and your anger is coming out at your partner & family there are groups to help you (also a great book 'Feeling Angry, Playing Fair' by Ken McMaster) . If you are a parent and angry at your kids there are programs such as ‘Tuning Into Kids’ that are not specifically anger related but will help your parenting skills, which may be enough. Or there is individual counselling - it really depends on your situation so give your local counselling or mental health service a call and find out what is available for you in your area. All the best

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    It depends on the nature of the anger problem. A good therapist will assist you by providing you with education and support to learn to pause, reflect and respond. The first step is to recognise when you are feeling angry. Developing some understanding for the circumstances and triggers for the anger as well as the capacity to choose your response will allow you to have your feelings but not act upon them. Anger can be useful in and of itself, it is the response to anger that causes us problems. It is a good question you have asked. Perhaps you may enquire into your own experience by breathing deeply and sensing inwards so that you may also learn to listen to an inner knowing and wisdom which can direct you in difficult situations. This takes practice and again a good counsellor will help here. Good luck!

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