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    Anal mucous discharge during physical activity (3 months post op)

    3 months ago, I underwent a haemorrhoidectomy and mucosal prolapse repair.

    Medical History: 37 years old, 2x vaginal births (induced), family history of haemorrhoids, history of strong pelvic floor, fit, healthy and normal BMI

    Post surgery assessments (ax) :

    - physio ax: strong pelvic floor (rectal side > vaginal side), no symptoms of dysfunction

    - surgeon ax: strong sphincter; good post-op recovery

    Since surgery, I have small amounts of mucous discharge (clear, watery, odourless) occurring during/after exercise. I’m keen to resume high-intensity exercises such as running and gym classes but worried I’ll exacerbate my symptoms.

    My surgeon considers the mucous discharge a result of my now shortened lower rectum lining, and that I have an ‘active bowel’ (empty bowels 2-3 times per day).

    I’m not prepared to accept ‘living with anal mucous discharge’ and would really appreciate any advice on possible reasons for my symptoms and/or treatment options I could consider.
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