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    My foreskin is still attached to its head.

    My penis foreskin is still attached to its head and I cannot have a normal erection. What should I do?
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    Dr Stuart Aitken

    Sexual Health Specialist

    Dr Aitken's areas of interest include HIV medicine, sexually transmissible infections, skin conditions affecting the genitals, and gender medicine. He offers discrete, specialist consultations in … View Profile

    At birth the foreskin is normally attached to the head of the penis by strands of tissue, known as adhesions. These usually break down with time, growth, erections, friction and masturbation. For adolescents and adults whose foreskin still remains attached to the head (glans) of the penis, it is worth consulting a medical practitioner familiar with problems in the genital area. 

    If the problem is simply a persistence of the adhesions, managment is fairly simple. Most men will respond well to some stretching exercises and application of a cortisone-based cream or ointment. 

    Sometimes the problem is more serious and indicates an underlying skin condition such as lichen sclerosus. This condition requires a degree of expertise to manage well, and a sexual helath specialist or urologist should be consulted. 

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