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    Breast reduction scarring

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    In October 2013 I had breast reduction surgery, I was left with 6cm areola's and intermittent keloid scarring around the areola only. In June 2014 I had surgery to reduce the scarring and correct the sizing of the areola. I now have keloid scarring around the entire areola, both breasts, that is still red, itchy and what I assume is still active? I have been applying Kelo-Cote gel for approximately 2 years now with little success. I had the initial breast reduction to alleviate some pain and discomfort so I was expecting some scarring, but this is quite unsightly and uncomfortable when the itching starts. Is it wise to attempt scar reduction again, or is this the best I can expect from my skin? I am of English descent and fast approaching 54.
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    Dr Mahyar Amjadi

    Plastic Surgeon (Reconstructive & Cosmetic)


    For my patient with history of keloid scarring I suggest multi-modality treatment, which is silicone as well as compression as well as laser. If you still have active scars, ie they are red and itchy, and you have been using silicone, I suggest you add laser therapy to your repetoire before attempting more surgery

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