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    Ulcerative Colitis

    I've started flaring a month ago. Was going to toilet 6-10 times a day. But 4 days ago it suddenly stopped. I'm bloated, feel like I'm going to burst. I know that I'm full and it needs to come out but if I sit on the toilet it's like my colon has no sensation to push anything out. I'm not sure if it's all just stopped working. I can hear some bubbles move around every now and then but have only passed a small amount of gas. I live in a remote town. We have a hospital but I feel silly to go to the hospital for constipation but worry that it might be more than constipation. 2 days before the sudden stop in bowel movement the urgency came with very thin, long poos. Took a lot of effort to get out. With the usual blood and mucous. I'm too scared to take something to soften the stools as I can't see that the stool would be big. I really think the inflammation has made it all stop working?
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  • Dr Guang Chen


    Dr Guang Chen is a proud Chinese Australian gastroenterologist and hepatologist practising in Western Sydney. He then completed his post-graduate training in internal medicine, gastroenterology … View Profile

    Ulcerative colitis is a complex disease. I would suggest you see your GP or visit the hospital if there has been a change in symptoms. The treatment is usually more effective if initiated early. 

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