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    Unusual Blood Results

    I am confused about a series of blood test results. Five months ago, after feeling EXTREMELY exhausted for unknown reasons, I was diagnosed Diabetes 2. Since then my blood tests have come back abnormal: - 3 blood tests over 2 months showing anaemia and hemochromatosis. My most recent blood tests show normal levels. - low enough B12 that I needed injections every week for several months - my levels are now normal. - intermittent high factor 8 levels. - My most recent blood show a very high white cell count. - I have had ESR levels (over 50 mm/hr) and abnormal liver function results for years without explanation. - I have not changed my diet or anything else to impact on the above. The only other "new" issues was the location of cervical and uterine lesions and fibroids (surgery in Feb 2017) My doctor keeps testing me but is not telling me what he is testing me for or what the above may mean. Please help!
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