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    Is there another option for my bladder stone and prostate surgery?

    I was diagnosed with bladder stone and enlarged prostate. I don't mind having laser procedure to remove the stone, however, I am skeptical about prostate surgery since WA doesn't have green light laser technology in public hospitals, it is only available in private hospitals. A possible issue could be created by the bladder stone and I want to be absolutely positive that prostate surgery is necessary, or if it could be avoided.
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    Come what may, the stone should be removed. Usually prostatic surgery is performed at the same time to greatly lower the chances of a new stone forming later on. Sometimes just the stone can be treated if there is no other evidence of blockage, and the patient is willing to take their chances.

    Greenlight laser is but one of a number of perfectly acceptable ways to perform a "re-bore" of the prostate, so that shouldn't be a deal-breaker.

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