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    Should I get my daughter braces, after my bad experience?

    I think my daughter needs braces. I had them when I was younger and they have moved over the years to worse than before. My niece had braces 2 years ago and now has to have a jaw operation! My brother had the same thing, but his have remained pretty good. Luckily my daughter doesn't have the same thing as me and the rest of my family. However, I am still worried I will put her through the pain of the tightening etc and when she's 35 (this is when my teeth moved back) she will regret it all.
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    It's understandable to be concerned after what happened to your niece and your own teeth. If you're worried about her teeth moving when she's older, it may be worth asking your dentist for fixed retainers.

    Hope this helps :)

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