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    Ihave 3 adult kids in 40's who argue and find offence with each other and me in the middle, how do I resolve this?

    I have 3 children all in 40's all live in separate states, don't see each other much but 1 in particular bickers and argues via text or email. Very sensitive with depression and gets jealous at my visits to 1 sibling to care for his children in school holidays and at other sibling when I make infrequent visits. This single child wants me to visit on his terms and due to his work this is hard. I'm happy to go do house stuff window shop read then spend time with him in evening but he wants me to have a holiday and do things - I don't need that and when I say so he is put out and says don't come but then is upset I havnt gone. He feels slighted when siblings and I don't agree with him and won't accept that we are all entitled to our own opinions. If he doesn't get what he considers acknowledgement for things done he takes it as an offence. He remembers every hurt whether intended or not and gets annoyed if we have separate opinions to him. I love him worry about him. Im tired, what to do?
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