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    What's the abnormal rate of increase in PSA readings?

    My PSA reading has gone from 1.38, in Oct 15, to 2.00, in Apr 16. A close family member has had his prostate removed. I have no other indicators that suggest something more serious, it is just the rate of increase in my readings that is of concern.
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    There are numerous things to consider in interpreting PSA readings. A family history is a risk factor. Early prostate cancers do not cause symptoms, so feeling fine doesn't really help. A PSA as low as 2 can be significant, especially in a younger patient 40's to early 50's. Nevertheless PSA's do tend to fluctuate. A repeat test is often reasonable to confirm a suspicious rise. This might be in 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the level of clinical concern. Keep in touch with your GP.

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