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    Do I have an ear infection?

    I got struck by common cold, nasal discharge and watery eyes 13 or 14 weeks ago. I tried home remedies (gargle and steam) and it got better. After some time I started feeling itching pain or irritation in my right side upper teeth, I used mouth ulcer gel and it was gone. After a day or two my ear got infected and eardrum perforated and my GP gave me the antibiotic courses. My ear infection got better. This is the story of last 12 week as I remember but now same is happening again, upper & lower teeth itching and when it was gone then ear blockage happened. I used olive oil and my ear got better and then again teeth itching(pain) started. Should I visit my GP again or go for ENT? Is it serious do I need surgery or something? (About me:male,age 33, no other medical issues or condition) I feel common flu, congestion symptoms only . Thanks in advance for answering.
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    Yes see your GP again. Also get a  diagnostic audiogram conducted ( once infection is cleared). If problem persists seeing an ENT is a  good option. Your GP will be able to help make that decision. 

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