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    Diagnosing Microvascular Coronary Disease and Coronary Artery spasm?

    Hi, I am trying to find a Cardiologist who does diagnostic interventionist testing for both coronary Artery Spasm and microvascular Coronary disease in Australia. Preferably SE QLD. Do any doctors do that in Australia?
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    Dr Abdul Sheikh

    Cardiologist (Heart Specialist)

    Dr Abdul Rauf Sheikh MBBS MD FRACP is an interventional and general cardiologist. He specialises in complex coronary intervention procedures, coronary physiology, intra-coronary imaging (IVUS … View Profile

    Dear Maureen

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We are doing comprehensive invasive coronary haemodynamic studies invloving testing for coronary microvascular function, endothelial function and spasm provocation test in patients with angina and normal coronary arteries; at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide SA.  We started doing spasm provocation testing at this centre more than 5 years ago and comprehensive studies are being done for last three years. 

    We are conducting this study under the umbrella of ethics approved clinical research protocol.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any further inquires.

    With best regards

    Dr Abdul Rauf Sheikh

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    Maureen Puddle

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks Dr Abdul Rauf Sheikh,

    I appreciate your response to me. That's good to know this happening in SA I live in Queensland. I am 69 yrs and my father died of a major Heart attack at 59 yrs. A brother also had some heart issues but not sure what.  I had some chest pain and questionable symptoms for  Coronary Artery Spasm which a Cardiologist in SA suggested I may have some years ago and treated me for.  Very recently after many years of nothing, (I stopped medication for C/Artery Spasm some years ago) chest and left arm pain in the past couple of months returned. Had some tests done like CTA and Stress Echogram which showed nothing except a fast Atrial Tachycardia that developed for a short time during the Stress Echo and a very high BP 240/110. This seems good  because  the previous Coronary Angiogram back some years ago in South Africa showed minor narrowings in the LAD and a Perfusion Scan showed Ischaemia and the possibility of a previous subendcardial Infarction, this was after the LBBB was diagnosed, so they concluded  the Perfusion Study was a false positive. A Cardiologist here that saw me very briefly after the Stress Echo was done said my major Coronary Arteries are pristine and that the previous Angiogram was wrong and to ignore any further episodes of Chest or arm pain that I may get.  I have a LBBB as well, so difficulites in diagnosing anyway. I had wondered if anyone in SE Queensland knows much about non-obstructive CAD especially in Women, but I don't know who and GP's seem to know very little or nothing. So its difficult sometimes. But I will certainly get back to you if this pain continues or worsens. Thanks very much for answering me. If you have any more advice it would be most appreciative. I take medication for Hypertension and to lower Cholesterol and have an Angio Spray to try if needed but now I know the Coronary Arteries are clear I haven't felt I should use this. Thanks again for your help.

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    Lourdes Thompson

    HealthShare Member

    Hi, i just read this post and I would like to ask is there studies  in Sydney. In 2011  I was having symptoms of a Heart attack and had several diagnosis, one was artery spasm, the other pericarditis and another atherclerosis. Symptoms stopped for a year then started again in 2013. I was then told it was prob menopause and to ignore it. I ended up having a heart attack in 2014 and had two stents put in and was told it was cholestorel blockage and finally I would be good. 4 months later sympotms started again. It could be possibly artery spasm but dr is at the end of his rope. Can you direct me where i can get help in Sydney, I live in Bexley.

  • Dr Abdul Sheikh

    Cardiologist (Heart Specialist)

    Dr Abdul Rauf Sheikh MBBS MD FRACP is an interventional and general cardiologist. He specialises in complex coronary intervention procedures, coronary physiology, intra-coronary imaging (IVUS … View Profile

    Dear Lourdes

    Not fully sure but I think there is some work being done at RPA sydney.


    Dr Sheikh

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    I don't know how old this post is but would like to know the latest on this testing, please. I live in SE Qld and have had pain and breathlessness walking up hills for many years but tests showed normal arteries and I was told nothing was wrong. In 2012 I had takotsubo CM which left me with moderate MVR, followed by LBBB and another event - not thought to be takotsubo. Discharged with idiopathic CM and suspected microvascular disease.  Have since had stress echocardiogram which showed changes after the exerise part.  Have had echoes, angiograms and MRIs, all showing clear large arteries.  Is this all that can be done to make certain?

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