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    Am I possibly depressed?

    My depressive episodes are really weird. They sometimes last around 2 weeks (best guess is around 13-18 days but my most recent episode lasted a month) and during this time it's absolutely horrible. I'm suicidal during those weeks and I get crying spells. I also won't be able to stop SI'ing and I get super scared of myself because I think that I might actually take my life. While I'm not depressed I feel ok-ish sad (or sometimes just ok) but I'm no longer crying and it's not interfering with my daily life anymore. But with this mood I get anxiety where i feel shaky and my stomach feels weird. But then sometimes my mood randomly drops to depression and that lasts about maybe 2-3 hours or so (maybe a bit more). Also after these moments I know i will crash into a horrible state of depression again. i don't know what's going on with me. My depression periods are brief but very severe. Do any of you guys know what this is? Heard MDD lasts ~8 months and that isnt the case with me. Thank you
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    Yes. Having desperate thoughts of suicide is a key indicator of depression. The fact that you have episodes of depression is not that unusual and can can be found in Bipolar 1 and 2. 

    I cannot give you an accurate diagnosis from this seat but I strongly urge that you obtain a referral from your GP to a psychiatrist who will do a complete assessment and formalise your diagnosis. The psychiatrist can then treat you with appropriate medication. 

    Your fear that you may see it through and actually end your life needs to be taken very seriously. You need treatment urgently. The good news is that medication is very effective in treating depression, bipolar disorder and suicidal ideation. 

    Once your mood is stabilised, you may also benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy. Your psychiatrist will guide you. 

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