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    Why does my eye water in the cold?

    I have recently moved to live in a cold climate (since June 2014 - Northern hemisphere) within the last 2 weeks my eye (L) has started to water when I leave my home, no pain, redness etc. When I come in from the cold it stops weeping.. Any ideas??
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    Dr Zelda Pick

    Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist)

    Dr Zelda Pick is an Ophthalmologist and subspecialist Oculoplastic surgeon.She has subspecialty expertise in:• Diseases of the eyelids• Skin cancers of the eyelids: removal and … View Profile

    It is very common to get watery eyes outside in the cold and the wind. In these conditions the eyes produce more tears, and if the tears are being produced at a faster rate than they can drain away, they will spill over and run down your cheeks. When you go inside, tear production returns to normal and the tears can all drain away, down the nasolacrimal ducts (the passages from your eyes into your nose).

    If this is a new problem for you, and it is only one side, it may be that the nasolacrimal duct is narrowed, or the tear ducts on your top and bottom lids (canaliculi) are not draining properly. It would be rare for this to be caused by a serious condition, but if it troubles you you should see an ophthalmologist to check the lids and tear ducts.

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