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    how do I stop burping at night?

    Problem is worse when I lie down as I get pain in left diaphragm, which is only relieved by burping.

    I have been put on medication which is helping moderately.

    I am also on very bland diet which is helping.
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    Fumi Somehara

    Dietitian, Nutritionist

    Fumi is a dietitian (APD) specialising in Dancers' Health and Eating Disorders Treatment. Her work is grounded in Health At Every Size (R) and Non-Diet … View Profile

    Hi there,

    Although I can't give a too specific advice since I'm unaware of your medical condition and diet, there are few suggestions that may help you!

    • Chew well and eat slowly.
    • Keep upright after your meals, at least 30-60min before lying down.
    • Try having small and frequent meals e.g. have 5-6 small portioned meals instead of having 3 big main meals.
    I hope that helps. 

    Kind regards,


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