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    What can I do about my sinus problems with Sjögren's syndrome and Fibromyalgia?

    I have really painful sinus's and post nasal drip, snore badly ( even when awake) however a CT shows no infection and ENT specialist says it's atypical Fibro/ Sjögren's, any suggestions for management as this is really painful and I have nasty headaches every day…
    Also I'm quite dizzy with it as well and have fallen and nearly fallen a few times… Any suggestions would be awesome
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    Dr Sim Choroomi

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    If your CT sinus is clear then your headaches and facial pain are most likely not from your sinuses. Migraines, eye conditions, dental problems all can give similar symptoms. I would seek the opinion of a neurologist given you have balance issues and headaches. 

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