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    Why do I get headached from late evening through the night to early morning?

    Hi, for a year now, I have suffered from dull headaches which appear in my sinus or in the frontal region of my face. I have recently undergone septal turbinoplasty to enlarge my nasal cavity. However, it appears that this hasn't fixed the problem. I have had CT scans which are normal and my ENT surgeon states that he cannot see anything abnormal. These headaches occur everyday, however they will go away within an hour of waking, and then start to reappear during the evening hours. Sometimes, I don't feel refreshed after sleeping, but this was before my nasal surgery as I had to breath through my mouth to sleep. To get to sleep every night I have to take two panadol. Short of going to another ENT specialist to get a second opinion, I am asking for any solution. I have tried nearly everything, nasal sprays, steam, decrease caffeine, using a plate to ‘prevent’ teeth grinding, turn off my fan that I use every night, but none of this has worked. Please help.
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