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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Are Titanium teeth implants safe?

    Besides cost, what do I need to consider before going ahead with Titanium teeth implants, ie. are there any health risks?
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  • Titanium implants to replace missing teeth are safe, provided the implants used are from reputable companies with good scientific studies done to verify their safety and success in function over a long period of time ie greater than 5 years at a minimum. Also the individual placing the dental implants and restoring them follow good standard practise for infection control and proper clinical technique.

    Some of the other issues you need to consider before having dental implants include:

    1) Common complications like pain after the procedure, bleeding, swelling, infection. These are complications associated with any type of surgery.

    2) Long term maintenance. Dental implant prostheses are not a set and forget treatment. They need to be maintained for the life of the prosthesis. Regularly cleaning,  tightening of loosened screws, which hold the crown onto the implant, these screws do come lose during function.

    3) Short term and long term failure of componentary. Like anything in the mouth nothing last forever, especially when it is exposed to high function and harsh biological, chemical and mechanical challenges. Parts of the prosthesis will break and fail. When this happens replacement, if not repair, is necessary. There will be a cost associated with this. Depending on the type of failure the cost may be minimal or large.

    4) Rejection of implants. This is rare but there are some people in the population who will reject the dental implants. At this point in time there is no reliable way to determine who amongst the  healthy  general population who will fall in this group. People who smoke, have uncontrolled or untreated gum disease will have a higher risks of implant failure.

    All the best with your decision and procedure.

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