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    Can eating too much fibre be cause pain in my lower bowel?

    I have been suffering on and off for two years. Have been to doctors and naturopath. Have taken probiotics. I still have pain in lower bowel and occasionally get diarrhoea. I gave up coffee,black tea,gluten,most processed foods,eat vegan organic foods like raw salads,fruit and protein supplements.Trying combination diet too. I will feel great for up to two months then my symptoms come back. I cannot pinpoint it to any particular food because I have not altered it too much in the last year. Taking the probiotics helped a lot and just recently ran out and after two weeks diarrhoea hit again. Will I have to keep taking them for ever? I have had all broad spectrum blood tests done and including bowel testing and nothing showed up. Previously before the first bout of diarrhoea over two years ago I was leading a happy and healthy life with no health issues,able to eat anything in moderation. I am also trying to put on weight as I am borderline underweight. I also walk,do yoga & meditation.
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    Fibre in itself doesn't cause any lower abdominal pain, unless of course there are risks of bowel obsturction if there are so much fibre intake and not enough fluid. It may be beneficial to see an accredited practising dietitian to tease out specifics during a session. Dietitians are trained health professionals who are able to help you with this kind of medical condition. 

  • Linda Dal Castello

    HealthShare Member

    Thank you for your answer to my question which I wrote a long time ago. Update is I followed the fodmap friendly diet (vegan version) and have not looked back. I don't suffer at all, though I have an occasional off day, I think my pain is more related to structural problems in my leg/hip area which may or may not be effecting my bowel. Most dietitians will not support a vegan diet.

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