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    How can I get help for my suicidal sister?

    Hi there, I am writing out of desperation as I am sure that I am going to lose my 21 year old sister to suicide in the near future.

    She tried to commit suicide a few weeks ago and since then has not been able to get help at all. The hospital psychiatrists deem her not serious enough and places like Headspace say she is too complex to take on. Literally NOONE will help her even though she is screaming out.

    She can see a psychologist through work but only has access to 3 sessions and she is just getting worse and worse.

    Noone will refer her for help and noone will help her. She is slipping through the cracks and I am desperate. As far as a diagnosis there hasn't been one, but Borderline Personality Disorder has been discussed. She has no coping skills or emotional resilience at all and literally will alternate days between functioning and ‘in a hole’.

    I am sure she will kill herself if she doesn't get help very soon but I have no idea what to do next. Surely there is something we can do?
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    David Lawson


    We all have times when we need to talk with a person who really listens to us, someone outside our family or social circle - … View Profile

    The first thing is for her to know that you are there for her - unconditionlly not in judgement but in love. having the ph number of a crisis line such as Lifeline 131114 to give her when she is feeling down during the night or when she can't find you or others to talk to. It maybe only 3 sessions through her work but that is 3 sessions more than she has at present. It is a start. Talking to someone outside of the problem who just listens can be very helpful. If you give her the crisis line number and get her to see the counsellor then you know that you have tried to help. The most important thing is for her to know that you are there for her with hugs and words etc.

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