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    ShouldI be worried about my nabothian cyst aggitation?

    My nabothian cyst seems to have been agitated by my colposcopy and biopsy.

    I had a flu feeling backache felt queasy stomach pain and a burning raw feeling on my cervix.

    This lasted 4 days then settled down but now I'm having this fluey feeling about once every few days with small amounts of white mucous discharge.

    Its like they have inflamed the cyst and its now in some reactive cycle. I get a weird bubbling/trembling feeling and sort of popping up there. Its been 4 weeks since the biopsy.

    I returned a normal colposcopy normal pap-smear and CIN1 for the biopsy.

    Should I be worried or could this still be healing?
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    Women's Health Queensland Wide provides free health information for Queensland women. View Profile

    Some of the symptoms you describe may indicate that you have an infection. This can happen after any surgical procedure such as biopsy. You should see your GP for investigations.
    Women’s Health Educator
    Health Information Line, Women’s Health Queensland Wide
    Women living in Queensland can also call our Health Information Line - a free information and referral service for Queensland women - on 3839 9988 or 1800 017 676 (toll free outside Brisbane).
    Please note that all health information provided by Women’s Health Queensland Wide is subject to this disclaimer

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