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    Am I menopausal?

    I am 50 years old and have had blood tests to see where my hormone levels are at each one says I am still fertile, I have had a mirena in place now for 5 years.

    I get the night sweats, mood swings, depression, anxiety, headaches, creepy crawly skin and am always extremely tied and feel like I'm going crazy

    Is this peri menopause, or is my depression and anxiety making me feel like this?

    My Dr has just described a hormone replacement drug to try ,would having the Mirena out also help?
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    Women's Health Queensland Wide provides free health information for Queensland women. View Profile

    Menopause is usually preceded by hormonal fluctuations which can result in some symptoms appearing as we approach it. This lead in time is known as ‘perimenopause’. Women's hormones can begin to fluctuate from the mid thirties, prior to any menstrual changes or symptoms appearing. However, hormone fluctuations increase in severity and frequency the closer we get to menopause
    Because our hormones are fluctuating and our blood levels are unstable, testing blood hormone levels is unreliable in that it does not correspond with symptoms, nor does it predict the duration or severity of symptoms.
    Even if two women had identical blood hormone profiles they may both experience completely different symptoms or a complete lack of them. In other words, each woman's experience will be unique regardless of blood hormone profile. In relation to symptoms, approximately 25% of women will experience no symptoms, 50% will experience mild to moderate symptoms and only 25% will experience severe symptoms. You should look at lifestyle strategies which can really influence your experience of this time in your life.
    Please click on the link provided 
     I think trying HRT whilst you still have the have the Mirena is a good idea. Also if you do suffer with anxiety and depression these symptoms can be heightened at this time. It would be worth going to see a psychologist for some counselling
    Women’s Health Educator
    Health Information Line, Women’s Health Queensland Wide
    Women living in Queensland can also call our Health Information Line - a free information and referral service for Queensland women - on 3839 9988 or 1800 017 676 (toll free outside Brisbane).
    Please note that all health information provided by Women’s Health Queensland Wide is subject to this disclaimer

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    Dr Carolyn Ee

    Acupuncturist, GP (General Practitioner)

    I'm a Sydney GP with a special interest in women's health especially menopause and TTC ( trying to conceive). I specialise in acupuncture, and am … View Profile

    Hot flushes/night sweats and insomnia are the only symptoms that have been consistently been shown to be due to the perimenopause, or the fluctuation in hormones prior to the last menstrual period. However, many women describe the symptoms that you are experiencing during the perimenopause.

    As Brenda outlined in her excellent post, your hormones start to fluctuate (often quite significantly) in the years leading up to the final menstrual period, or menopause. It can be tricky to tease out what is due to the perimenopause and what is due to anxiety or depression, and the two can be linked (Night sweats and sleep deprivation for example can exacerbate anxiety and depression). As Brenda suggested, do follow this up with your doctor. Hopefully your symptoms will improve with the HRT - the night sweats are very likely to.

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