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    What does 'mobilising toxins' mean?

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    My doctor tells me that I'm feeling much worse while taking the vitamin supplement he's recommended because it's mobilising toxins.

    Is there any validity in this “mobilising toxins” idea?
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    Lucinda Curran


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    “Mobilising toxins” refers to the release of toxins that have been stored in the body, which then puts them back into circulation.

    This can make you feel incredibly unwell - and should only be done carefully and with strict supervision.

    As you can imagine, doing things too quickly (ie releasing stored toxins and mobilising them WITHOUT removing them quickly enough) can be tantamount to poisoning you.

    The body's natural mechanisms are to protect itself and maintain normal functioning. Many toxins are stored in fat, and even weightloss can mobilise toxins.

    I am not sure which vitamins that you are taking, so cannot be more precise. I would suggest that you speak with your doctor about reducing the dose - you shouldn't be feeling really sick doing this.

    The way that I work is to strengthen and improve digestion PRIOR to dredging out the toxins, whilst simultaneously supporting the body in removing the toxins.

    I do hope this helps. I am willing to answer further questions that you may have.

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    Writing as a non-clinical health professional, the concept of “mobilising toxins” is scientifically meaningless and has nothing to do with the vitamin supplements that your doctor has suggested.

    It may be helpful to think of “detox” as being the secular equivalent of the purification/abstinence rituals which are part of many religions - Lent in some forms of Christianity, Pesach in Judaism and Ramadan in Islam are all examples. These rituals may provide psychological comfort but they have no physiological basis.

    The exceptions to this are when somebody has intentionally ingested a substance at toxic levels (an OD) or has, by accident, been exposed to a toxin - in both of these cases urgent medical treatment is needed,

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