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    What reasons would be needed for Medicare to cover a tummy tuck

    I have had 2 sets of twins and a hernia operation that has left a scar that makes the excess skin fold.

    Would a tummy tuck be covered by Medicare due to these factors?
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    Dr Jillian Tomlinson

    Hand Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon (Reconstructive & Cosmetic)

    Dr Jill Tomlinson is a fully qualified plastic, reconstructive and hand surgeon. After graduating dux in her year at University High School, Jill completed medical … View Profile

    Many women report difficulties with an excess skin fold after childbirth or significant weight loss, and with two sets of twins plus a hernia operation I can completely understand why you have asked this excellent question. The difficulties that excess abdominal skin folds create can include rashes, discomfort, difficulty with clothing and exercise, feelings of embarrassment and low self-esteem.

    There is a Medicare rebate for tummy tuck surgery (“abdominoplasty”). If you have private health insurance this means that your insurer will likely cover the cost of your stay in a private hospital. You can check phoning your health insurer and asking if you are covered for the Medicare Item Number 30177.

    There are generally out of pocket costs for surgery, which may include fees from the surgeon and anaesthetist, for compression garments and for scar management products. These costs can vary considerably between different specialists but are just one of many factors to consider when choosing your specialist. 

    I hope this information helps you.

    Good luck and best wishes!

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    iitismygoaltoeoffofgovernment  complety. i started a job after going to school. i am on bith medicade and medicare. recently (and this has happened before) ive had excruicating back spasams when working. i have a belly. i have lost a good bit of wright but i believe that this belly whick  seems to stay… is too much strain for my back to handle? i live in wisconsin. is there any provision with my insurace to cover removing the excess in order to move forward in life? i have been heavy since 5. i have recently list weight. but my middle is the worst spot. and im continuing but …..

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