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    Is it normal to feel healthy even though I have stage 3 bowel cancer?

    I have just been diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer yet I feel fine (some bleeding though), I am still working as a Heavy Plant Diesel Fitter and continue to go fishing, hunting and camping without any adverse affects in relation to feeling unwell.

    Is this normal to feel fine when you have been diagnosed with this stage of bowel cancer? I start chemo and radiation therapy in 3 days.
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    Thank you for your email. We are glad to hear you have been feeling so well, despite your diagnosis.

    Each person and how they react to an illness of any kind is usually, we find, quite individual. Some people, such as yourself, feel quite well and find it hard to understand there could be anything wrong. Others may feel unwell or lethargic.

    We find also that people react differently to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Each chemotherapy drug has a list of side effects of which you may experience. These side effects can make some people feel quite unwell and tired. Others do not feel the side effects as much and can continue life without too much disruption.

    In short, no two journeys are alike.

    Should you need any support or advice, please feel free to contact us at Bowel Cancer Australia Nurse Advisers.

    You may also be interested to read some of the information available on the Bowel Cancer Australia website including:

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    Kind Regards,
    Bowel Cancer Australia Nurse Adviser

    Please Note: The information provided by Bowel Cancer Australia’s Nurse and Nutritionist Advisory Services is intended for Australian residents as a reference guide only. It is not a substitute for independent professional advice and is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder.

    If you believe your symptoms are consistent with those of bowel cancer or a digestive illness, please consult your doctor.

    Bowel Cancer Australia, its directors, officers or medical professionals shall not be liable to any person, company or any other body for any loss, direct or indirect or consequential on whatsoever account for any omission or negligent misstatement.

  • Mmg

    HealthShare Member

    I felt well prior to diagnosis and had ridden a push bike 600 km around the east coast of tassie in may and was diagnosed in July. They surgeon said the cancer had even there growing for around 12 months. The symptoms that I did get was bleeding around once a month which doctors said were hemoroids and I would just get a bit tired sometimes. I was diagionosed through the Rotary Bowel scan kit. Lucky I did it. Chemotherapy did take its tole on me but listen to you body and rest when you need to.

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