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    what can be causing me to belch during the night and when I wake up?

    I find sometimes during the night I may wake up belching or when I wake up in the morning I seem to have a lot of gas and belch for about 5 minutes or more. I also have flatulence in the morning which can last for a while before I do motions which is not exactly normal motions more like a 5-6 on bristal scale. I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis but am curious to know why I have these other symptoms. I also sometimes hicup really loudly and hurts my chest but then I don't hicup again. . are these related to my UC or something else? what can I do about them or who should I see. thanks
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    Expelling wind prior to passing stools is normal and the need to belch more than usual can be a problem if swallowing a lot of air when eating or gulping down drinks for example.  However waking at night due to belching and then having it happen again for several minutes when waking in the morning as well as experiencing hiccups that result in pain and discomfort is not normal and is not part of having uc.  Since most people with inflammatory bowel disease are under the care and supervision of a gastroenterologist or a specialist with an interest in GI disorders, that's who should be consulted for advice and then if necessary upper GI and other investigations can be carried out to eliminate or find a possible cause of these symptoms.

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